Student Profile: Karsan Karavadra MLA2

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Over the past few years, my interest in landscape architecture has grown exponentially. Having completed a BA (Hons) Architecture from the University of Liverpool, I had gone onto work in a variety of roles, diverging from a career in Architecture. I joined Leicester City Council as an unpaid intern processing application forms (enthralling as you’d imagine).

Through commitment, hard work, and a year and half break full of travelling and experiencing new places, I applied for a graduate landscape assistant role back within the local authority. With a motivating mentor on hand *shout out Chryse Tinsley*, I relished the opportunity to work on a variety of design projects within the city including art installations, river network and biodiversity improvements, highway schemes, and a successful Pocket Park working with a local charity and community groups.

I am a part time student and the course has been great so far. The postgraduate course has allowed me to be self reflecting as well as explore global issues, widening my field of view of the world through the eyes of a landscape architect. I’m glad that I decided to pursue a career in landscape architecture as it not only benefits the physical and mental well being of humans, it holds its core ideology in the well being of the natural world as a global ecosystem. Working on it, in my opinion, that is the purest way to acknowledge, celebrate and hopefully help the world we live on. Plus, everyone in Landscape Architecture is super friendly!

Likes: Tea and biscuits

Dislikes: Coriander


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