Practice Profile: Gillespies

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Gillespies is an award - winning landscape architecture and urban design practice with over 50 years' experience in masterplanning, landscape planning and landscape design, with studios based in the UK, the Middle East and Moscow. Over the past 50 years Gillespies has built an international reputation for consistently delivering places that respond to their environment and acknowledge their physical and cultural context, working with a diverse range of clients, leading developers and local authorities.

The practice is well equipped to manage all scale of projects, and is particularly skilled in all aspects of environmental planning and design, from the initial identification and appraisal of sites, to the design and delivery of large-scale masterplans and public realms. Gillespies work across a wide range of sectors including residential, cultural, leisure, office, transport, education and healthcare, with projects located across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, China, South East Asia and North America. Gilespies has completed projects located in every major UK city, with a number of projects recognised by numerous industry awards.

The practice has a workforce over 130 technical staff and 14 support staff that work across 5 UK offices. The teams are led by 7 practice partners - recognised experts in their fields, and prominent industry figures whose advice is sought for independent design reviews, government policy and teaching seminars. A team of technical staff is allocated to each project, reinforcing the core teams when there is a requirement for a greater demand of resource.


Gillespies believe places are alive with the social, cultural, economic and natural characteristics that make each unique. Cities of all sizes should be legible through intelligent use of public space, landparks and effective links, creating a coherent townscape with thriving neighbourhods - bringing ownership of a city back to its occupants.

As designers, our task is to ensure that these places are preserved, celebrated and enhanced to provide a sustainable legacy for the future - a legacy which delivers renewed economic prosperity, social and cultural enrichment and an enhanced quality of life for users.


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