Vegetation Diary: The Joy of Spring

Narcissus tazzeta (cultivar). This is one of the last Narcissi to flower and in this image (taken at the end of April) it has naturalised on a wild verge below a dry stone wall. In the South of France it is grown commercially for its essential oil

Prunus spinosa, unusually still in flower at the beginning of May in a wild hedgerow. Silverdale

Anemone nemorosa (poisonous) growing with Hyacinthoides non-scripta on a South facing bank. Silverdale. May 2018. The traditional English bluebell hybridises prolifically with the Spanish Bluebell, Hyacinthoides non-scripta. How to tell the difference-Hyacinthoides non-scripta has dark flowers in one-sided, nodding racemes, with strongly recurved petals and white pollen. Hyacinthoides hispanica has paler flowers produced on all sides of the upright stem, less recurved petals and blue pollen. Bluebells and Anemoe’s are known as shade evaders; squeezing their growth, flowering and seeding in to the period from April to May, before the canopy closes overhead.

Hyancinthoides non-scripta emerging from Mercurialis perennis (poisonous) (Dogs Mercury) on a South facing bank. Silverdale


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