Triangulating the Urban Rural Interface (part three). The Dukes Art Centre, Lancaster

We previously posted about the work MLA-1 students were tasked with for the Canal Corridor Regeneration scheme in Lancaster. While that blog post focused on the event, we realise that we forgot to showcase the student work themselves!

Recap: Students were asked to develop ideas for a new urban quarter, immediately adjacent to the retail centre of the city. Previously occupied by Mitchells Brewery, a rope works and other small-scale industries, it is now largely derelict, occupied by car parks and low rent transitory businesses.

To celebrate the students work and to create a debate, which positioned their ideas in the wider context of global urban renewal and the regeneration of the canal corridor a symposium (part of the Triangulation of Urban/Rural Interface events) was held in The Dukes Art Centre, Moor Lane in September. This was accompanied by an exhibition of student work.

Below are a few of the student posters, each encompassing their aspirations and ideas on how the future site might develop:


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