Top Landscape Twitter Handles (@) Guaranteed to Make Your Day!

1. @WaltzGarden offers gorgeous photos of a seemingly endless wildflower garden - a favourite recent photo is of fritillaries in the morning light looking like lanterns:

2. @urbanponds101 is a lovely bloke documenting his homemade ponds and all the frogs and newts living in them.

3. @seed_ball is a company that makes and sells seed bombs, but their twitter is full of conservation and home gardening tips!

4. @TheStreetTree is an account by the author Paul Wood who documents and ID's street trees in London and elsewhere. He includes great facts with posts, such as, "In Greek mythology chimeras are monstrous fire-breathing creatures, but in the leafier parts of north London, chimeras are composed of limbs from different cherry species, each with quite different blossom. Not quite so monstrous perhaps."

5. Finally, @concretebotany is an account from Philadelphia that records, ID's and appreciates plants growing in concrete around the city.


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