The Virtual Work Placement

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

The placement provides students with the real time opportunity of working in a Landscape or associated professional practice post their completion of MLA 1. With the current restrictions due to Covid 19, staff were very keen to find a method of maintaining this professional engagement, but one which could be delivered in a virtual practice experience.

The emphasis was therefore altered from “practice to project” as the principal vehicle for delivery. This created a flexible format, which responded to lockdown in a positive way and allowed students a high degree of responsibility, within the guidance of a professional mentor. A number of practices volunteered to participate in this programme, meeting with their designated students via Zoom, to provide tutorial support and guidance in the delivery of the project.

Staff identified two small local projects, which could be delivered and managed virtually and which would have the capacity to engage students in a design process from feasibility to tender drawings. (A compact version of RIBA workstages 1 – 4). WalkRide Chorlton, Sustrans and Chorlton Community Land Trust acted as remote clients for projects based on improving the environment on Beech Road and Nicolson Rd and two practices offered their own “live” projects. (Fleetwood Museum Square - Landscape Projects + New Mills Sports Village - Barnes Walker).

Staff delivered briefs for the home projects, and liaised with those mentors who were running their own project to ensure that these are compatible with the overall objectives of the virtual placement.

The projects have been extremely successful in providing creative solutions, and with the mentors support these have been developed through stage two and three to a detailed design package including costing costings and tender documents.

Staff would like to thank the following practitioners for their support:


Atkins Global.

Land Use Consultants.

Planit-ie. (Ed Lister)

Barnes Walker.

Landscape Projects.

The following images reflect the diversity of work produced by students at approximately the half way stage:


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