Tempelhof, Berlin

The airport is a site of important historical significance. The unique curved terminal building in the shape of an Eagle was constructed in 1933, and was the departure point for Neville Chamberlin with his “Peace in our Time” agreement with Hitler in 1938. It was also the principle operational site for the Berlin Airlift of 1948/49.

Since its closure to flights in 1975 it staged various events, finally closing in 2008 and being designated as a city park in 2010. In 2011 it was the subject of an international competition, which was won by Grosse Max. However, due to political and financial problems, their ideas were never implemented. (www.e-architect.co.uk)

A referendum held in May 2014 decided that the central space of 202 hectares between the two runway’s, should be used for nature conservation. This area already contained a large number of Sky Larks, birds of prey and red (endangered) listed flora and fauna. The remaining 101 hectares on the periphery would be continued to be used for more formal leisure and recreation. (www.tempelhofer-feld.berlin.de)


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