Student Profile: Yi-Hsien Kao (Emma) MLA2

I have been passionate about Landscape, which has driven a great value for me since I dropped into this career. Landscape is built on vast professional knowledge, which is extremely complicated. In order to clearly display the characteristic of the site and completely solve the problems, I analyse the data of existing background, in terms of topography, history, land use and ext. I feel satisfaction to engage with the land, giving it a new name as well as improving the quality of it.

After studying my bachelor’s degree at Chinese Culture University, I spent approximately seven years developing a portfolio of professional experience via formal employment. I am particularly interested in landscape changes which are constant through time and human activities, especially when plants and water are the elements in the design. Pursuing my further education, which I am currently studying MLA at MMU, provides the opportunity to face difference scales and dimension in manipulating the elements. As a designer, I am able to have more impact to create relatively interesting and suitable space for our world.


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