Student Profile: Wilson Lai MLA2

My understanding of Landscape Architecture: what it comprises and who it concerns has changed overtime. My passion and curiosity for Landscape Architecture, however, has not changed. My aim through this program is to be a Landscape Architect, and make positive impacts through better landscape design. I was interested in drawing maps when I was small. I was very observant in terms of our city planning and geo-environment. I even drew my own maps to design my ideal city. Since that time, I cultivated my interest in urban and environmental discipline and it laid the foundation for my future direction. 

My journey started from the bachelor program of Landscape Architecture in Hong Kong. I gained a bigger picture of the discipline of landscape architecture and improved myself by developing my analytical and creative thinking. After graduation, I worked as an assistant landscape designer in a Hong Kong firm, responsible to assist the project managers and senior staff with the coordination and preparation of the graphic deliverables for conceptual landscape design submissions and presentations.

Practice without improvement is meaningless and there is always room for improvement. These are my motivations for pursuing a Master of Landscape Architecture degree. I am ready to explore and absorb learn contemporary ideas, no matter how difficult the process is, I will try my best to achieve my goal of being a Landscape Architect.


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