Student Profile: Rudhira Sambrey MLA1

My experience in designing started with my will to be a creative individual. I have dabbled in art my entire life and am grateful to have used this drive to learn subjects that can, and do, have a big impact on many lives. Before joining the Masters of Landscape Architecture course, I did my I bachelor’s degree in Architecture, also at MMU. By my final year, I had realised that I wished to remain in the designing field and build a career that would change the world for the better, which is why I chose to study landscape architecture. In today’s climatic context, I believe good landscape architecture is a necessary tool. Sustainability in design has been given importance at MSA and I know that these methods will prepare me to be a better designer in the field and potentially help bring some change to the community. By studying landscape architecture, I can keep my designs focused on user needs but on a larger scale and can think of ways to create a larger impact.”


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