Student Profile: Oliver Kingshott MLA2

At university I first begun to focus on how people interact with the outdoor environment and the transformative effects green spaces can have on people. I was particularly inspired by the unique way children engage with place; and felt compelled to make engaging spaces which could inspire an interaction with nature.

This was the start of the inspiration which has led me to train as a Landscape Architect.

From there I began running environmental education workshops at schools and started designing and building outdoor classrooms and small play areas.

I set up my own company called Popup Treehouses and operated for 2 years, until I got the opportunity to work for a larger company, called TouchWood Play, who make ambitious and imaginative commercial play developments.

While I worked as the Operations Controller for TouchWood I ran larger and more complex projects. I was always interested in the design side of things, and during my CPD sessions discussed taking steps towards design. I continued to run my own small projects on the side such as festival spaces and other creative outlets and was able to get involved with some of the designs at TouchWood. This involvement strengthened my resolve that I would go back to university and train as a Landscape Architect.

The MLA course has been a whirlwind so far, and I’ve already learnt a huge amount. I’m looking forward to developing my ways of interpreting space and implementing a coherent design strategy. The course has provided the perfect environment to explore my interests and passions in a focused and detailed way and I’m excited to see what’s around the corner.


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