Student Profile: Carly Leung MLA2

Photography is one of my hobbies from which I've learnt to appreciate the beauty of nature. Through this lens, I discovered some connection between people and environment. After graduation from secondary school, I embarked on a Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture which led me to my journey in this field. Throughout my studies, I've considered Landscape Architecture as a multi-disciplinary subject that can tackle different issues and add values on various aspects, which is meaningful and essential to human beings. As a result, I have cultivated my passion on it. 

Working for a landscape design and consultant firm in Hong Kong, I gained a bigger picture of the role of landscape architecture in design and construction field. Moreover, I observed the operation of a professional landscape firm and its co-ordination with different parties. My training during this period helped affirm my devotion to landscape architecture. Hence, I decided to study MLA to further equip myself and contribute more in the field. I hope to leave this program a trained landscape architect with a critical eye on the future.


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