Student Profile: Beth Houston MLA2

My background is in Art and Design, specialising in Fine Art. I have a first class BA Honours degree in Fine Art Sculpture and a PGCE in Art and Design education. I have been a Fine Art lecturer in Further Education for the past 15 years. Supporting students in their creative endeavours was extremely rewarding. After starting a family I decided I wanted to return to my studies and creative practise.

I thrive off all aspects of problem solving and believe strongly that cognitive developments within design need to be explored through material processes, allowing for chance and serendipitous discovery.

Space+people=Place. I am interested in the relationship between people and place. How do we recognise place as being significant and not just merely space? What are our connections to different places? How can our environment shape our experiences? These are the questions I propose to explore.

I am influenced by those who create experiences and environments that bring people together. This may not be in a conventional way or in a conventional setting, however shared space is an area that needs to be continually addressed. Ultimately I hope to design landscapes that provoke positive relationships between communities and the places they inhabit.

I have some concerns with our growing dependency on technology to provide virtual experiences, landscapes provide us with a living reality. I want to ensure that there remains a synergy between man and material, and feel that if we lose this connection it will be at our detriment.

The training on the Masters in Landscape Architecture course is fantastic. It has provided me with a thorough understanding of environmental science, a solid grounding of the development of Landscape design, an excellent network of contemporary professional practice and also access to a rolling lecture programme that presents current research debates. The study of such pertinent issues paired with the opportunity to provide design solutions is extremely exciting.


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