Student Profile: Beavan Flanagan MLA2

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

My route to landscape architecture came about through my activities as a musician and composer. I completed my PhD in music composition from Huddersfield university in 2017; my portfolio explored and investigated how musicians have appealed to nature in their work throughout history, from Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, to John Cage’s chance compositions, to Björk’s ‘Biophilia’. I became fascinated with the different ways that humans construct an image of nature, which although often far removed from the reality of the nonhuman world (nature has always been a nebulous concept), give rise to beautiful and creative ideas that tell us alot about ourselves. Naturally this thought process led me to landscape architecture, as it is a discipline wherein humans directly act out their constructions of the natural world, and although these constructions remain entirely artificial they can nonetheless benefit humans, plants and animals in myriad ways.


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