Student Profile: Anthony Lynch MLA2

I studied Law at undergraduate level and went on to practice property law in a commercial development practice, but three years into my career came to realisation that my passion lay elsewhere.

I have been interested in plants, gardens and outdoor places for as long as I can remember, and so set out to find a new career path that would combine these with my interest in nature conservation, and my previous practice of Real Estate and Development law. Landscape Architecture seemed to be the perfect match.

I love studying the Landscape course at MMU as it has allowed me to delve further into my passions. I have explored creativity, observation and being mindful more that I ever had before, which has kept me constantly engaged.

I look forward to developing my drawing and design skills over the next few years and re-training myself to look at things on varying levels, looking at the grey, and not just the black and white, as my previous study and career has taught me.


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