Spotted in Trowbarrow Quarry. Silverdale

330 million years ago in the Carboniferous period, warm seas deposited the shells of sea creatures, which over the following millennia were compressed folded and faulted to form limestone.  This rock has been quarried for lime for a hundred years from 1857 to 1970, without the use of any machinery. It is also the site where tarmac Adam was first developed.

Since it’s closure this has created a number of important habitats, such as alpine rock face, shallow pools, grassland and woodland, leading to its designation as an SSSI and nature reserve.

Minimal recreation is accepted on the site, which is largely hidden and inaccessible from the road. However, it is in a fragile balance and habitats supporting Bee and fly Orchids, Autumn gentians,Twayblade and Helleborine are easily compromised by rock climbing and increasing use by mountain bikers.


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