National Tree Week: Prunus spinosa

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

As part of National Tree Week 2018, which runs from Saturday 24th November til Sunday 2nd December, students and staff at Manchester Metropolitan University's Landscape Architecture department are once again throwing light on the trees that they believe deserve recognition.

Today, MLA1 student Nicholas Baron shares one of his favourites. You can read Nicholas' profile here.

Prunus Spinosa

Blackthorn, Sloe

Nicholas Baron

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Prunus spinosa is a border plant found in hedgrows and the fringes of woodland. It's very prickly and can cause sepsis if you are unlucky enough to cut yourself.
The Latin name literally translates as prickly plum, which is the truest name you can have as the fruits are like miniature plums and it is viciousely spiny. Sloe fruits are used to make gin more palatable, and in early spring the leaves can also be added to gin to make another unique drink. Finally, even though its growth habit is ungainly, its beauty lies with its multitude of uses be it drink, hedging or habitat. It is an all-round fascinating and cool tree.

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