National Tree Week Day 4

Day 4: Bauhinia x blakeana, Hong Kong Orchid Tree

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MLA2 student Rachel Tse nominated the Hong Kong Orchid Tree, Bauhinia x blakeana:

I like the bright colour and beautiful shape of the blooming petals, they look really elegant and stand out well on the trees

Bauhinia x blakeana was selected as floral emblem of Hong Kong by the Urban Council in 1965, this flower is printed on the Hong Kong SAR’s flag and coins. This species is a native species and a hybrid of two known species (Bauhinia variegate and Bauhinia purpurea), which can only reproduce with human help, by taking cuttings. It symbolizes the origins of the Colony itself, from which it continues to draw its strength and vitality. It blooms profusely with purple and magenta petals in the winter. It can be readily found on the streets in Hong Kong.

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