National Tree Week Day 1

Its National Tree Week and to mark it, MLA students are nominating the trees that they think deserve a place under the RE:ALM spotlight.

Day 1: Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Dawn Redwood. Photo taken at the Sheffield Botanical Gardens. 

Nominated by Julia Torr, of MLA2 who said:

I have always found Dawn Redwoods fascinating as a living fossil species and because of their impressive size.

Tree facts:

Height: 35m. Overall shape: General tree shape is that of a conical conifer, and tall height. Leaf shape: Leaves are long, flat needles turning pale to dark green and sit on opposite pairs on the branches. Bark: The bark is a distinct reddish-brown colour with vertical strips and often peeling. Fruit/flowers: Flowers are rarely seen in the UK but are yellow (male) and green (female) in spring, fruits are then cones turning green to brown. Distribution: Native of south west China and unknown until 1941, it is now popular garden tree.


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