MMU alumnus success in Wuhan

RE:ALM would like to congratulate Stephen Buckle on another successful scheme: the One City development in Wuhan. Stephen is an alumnus of MMU and Studio Director of Aspect Studios, Shanghai.

Post Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture – University of Central England, UK Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture – Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Stephen is the Studio Director of ASPECT Studios, Shanghai. He is a dynamic and innovative international landscape architect recognised for his creative contemporary design works, free thinking and detail resolution.

Driven by his passion for innovation and excellence, Stephen approaches design as an explorative play between landscape, art and urbanism creating unique and memorable responses and experiences for each commission.

While all his designs are derived from the same hand, each strives to be unique to themselves and challenge the routine conventions of the modern day built environment.

His inspiration is balanced between humanistic influences of perception and culture, along with more contextual influences of environment, climate and the land.

FIELDS OF EXPERTISE Commercial, Civic, Corporate and Retail

  • Shun Tuk Gather Plaza II, Riverfront Park and Mall, Shaoguan, China, 2013

  • Shun Tuk Residential + Retail Development, Shaoguan, China, 2013

  • Zhuhai Aviation Exhibition Centre, Zhuhai, China, 2011-2013

  • Kunming Urban Retail Plaza, Kunming, China, 2012

  • Dayawan Cultural Events Plaza, Dayawan, China, 2011

  • Bahrain Investment Wharf, Kingdom of Bahrain, 2009

  • Ali Bin Ali Head Quarters, Qatar, 2007

  • McLaren Technology Centre, UK, 2006

  • Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough, UK, 1998

Tourism, Resorts and Hospitality

  • Zhencheng Development Clubhouse, China, 2013

  • Finreal Properties Clubhouse, Huizhou, China, 2013

  • Finreal Properties Clubhouse, Huizhou, China, 2011

  • Midea Sports Clubhouse, Shunde, China, 2013

  • Zhaoqing Clubhouse, Zhaoqing, China, 2013

  • Kunming 5 Star Resort Hotel, Kunming, China, 2012

  • Hainan Resort Residential, Hainan, China, 2012

  • Shenyang Benxi Hotel + Golf Resort, China, 2012

  • Samarah Dead Sea Resort, Jordan, 2009

  • Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort, UAE, 2010

  • PK Resort Island, Bahrain, 2009


  • Shun Tuk Residential + Retail Development, Shaoguan, China, 2013

  • Shantai Tower Residential, Guangzhou, China, 2013

  • Zhaoqing Residential Development, Zhaoqing, China, 2013

  • Kunming Maixi Village, Kunming, China, 2013

  • Golden Bay No.1 Residential, Guangzhou, China, 2012

  • Dragon Lake Residential, Guangzhou, China, 2011

  • Beihai Residential + Retail Development, China, 2011

  • Ocean Times Phase 4+5, Times Property, Nansha, China, 2013

  • Jinan Hilltop Villa Development, Shandong, China, 2013

Mixed-use Developments

  • Haimen Ocean Park, Haimen, Jiangsu, China, 2012

  • San Shui Master Plan Foshan, Guangdong, China, 2012

  • Al Furjan Streetscape and Open Space, Dubai, UAE, 2007

  • Diyar Al Muharraq Reclaimed Island, Bahrain, 2008

  • Bicester Town Extension, UK, 2006

  • Devonport Urban Regeneration, Devonport, UK, 2006

Open Space and Public Realm

  • Nanhan Tomb Museum, Guangzhou, China, 2013

  • Education City Interpretative Park, Doha, Qatar, 2008

  • Education City Public Realm, Doha, Qatar, 2008

  • Lusail, Qatar – Landmark Landscape, 2010

  • Abu Dhabi Comprehensive Open Space Landscape Framework, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2010

For more information see the Aspect Studios website:


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