MLA1 Topographical Models

Following the visit to Rivington Terraced Gardens near Bolton, Lancashire, MLA1 were tasked with working in groups to create a topographical model of the site. The project was intended to develop an understanding of how designed landscapes work on the psyche in real life and translate this experience into physical representations of the landscape. The aim was to produce models which were geographically accurate showing masses/voids, structural elements, important visual connections, focal points and the location of all original architectural elements, at scale of 1:1000.

Group 1: Jeerawat Chutiwattanathada, Max Cooper, Patrick Cooper, Yi-Hsien Kao

Group 2: Beth Houston, Oliver Kingshott, Qiang Li, Claire Nixon

Group 3: Matthew Peilow, Jenifer Rainford Mendez, Rani Sasindran, Mohammed Saad Sait, Mary Timchula


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