MLA1 JA Jones Visit 2019

MLA1 spent the day at the JA Jones Gravel Lane site near Southport, familiarising themselves with the techniques of commercial nursery stock production. Led by John Gillow, the Tree Container manager, they were shown a wide range of processes relevant to their future role as specifiers (budding/grafting, field growing of trees, air pots, and container grown stock at a range of scales). They were also introduced to the wide range of plants that the nursery holds, learning how to identify some key species under John’s tutelage, as well as the relative value of different plant sizes and types, for different sites and situations.

Once again thank you to all the staff at the nursery for making the day a success and in particular to John for taking time out from what is the busiest time of year for the nursery to show the students around.



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