MLA Showcase 2018

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

The MLA Showcase event attracted a very good turnout to listen to an inspiring talk from alumnus Tom Lonsdale, part of the first cohort of students to graduate in the subject from what was then Manchester Poly. Three students (Karsan Karavadra, Oliver Kingshott and Rachel Tse) gave excellent presentations of their work and a range of prizes were awarded to students by local practices, the north west branch, the PRG and staff. These included:

LINW Prize for the best individual exhibition

MLA1: Mohammend Saad Sait

MLA2: Ben Wayles

The Atkins Prize for the best model

Jeerawat Chuttiwhattanatada (M)

The Barnes Walker prize for the best portfolio

Hilary Thumpston

The PRG Prize for most Significant Student Contributions

Julia Torr and Ben Wayles

The Dean's Prize for the Best Overall Student

Karsan Karavadra

Prize for running the blog

Claire Nixon and Justyna Grabowska


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