LANCASTER URBAN RESILIENCE - Alternative visions in the canal corridor

An ancient settlement defined by its rich heritage, Lancaster is today marked by a burgeoning cultural scene that deserves to be celebrated. As the home of many of Lancaster’s cultural institutions, the Canal Corridor provides an ideal template for a vibrant new community, enhancing the city’s cultural connections whilst creating a resilient neighbourhood.

Taking place on October 2nd - November 2nd 2019 Master of Landscape Architecture Year 1 students from MMU will be holding an exhibition of their work which will be showcasing proposals that reimagine Lancaster’s canal side as a model for 21st-century community building.

Although the proposals differ in their priorities and motives, each one seeks to envision a future for Lancaster that meets the challenges ahead, whether it is proposing innovative housing solutions, enabling urban biodiversity, preparing for climate change or encouraging social cohesion.

There will be a symposium held on the 2nd October 2019 5:30 - 8:30pm with guest speakers and student presentations, the event is open to all and will be held at The Dukes, Moore Lane, Lancaster LA1 1QE


Edward Fox, Course Leader:


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