MLA-1 Showcase: Container Village

A chance meeting on a train to Manchester has led to the participation of five students in a limited competition, to develop a landscape design for a temporary “container village” in the “Canal Corridor” regeneration zone in Lancaster.

David Nuttall, an environmental entrepreneur is developing this scheme with Architecture consultant Zoe Hooten, director of hpa Architects to install a sustainable community in an underused car park, off Moor Lane. The development will comprise of a number of  container spaces for start -ups, a bike repair business and a coffee shop and restaurant and will be in place for up to seven years.

The role of the students in this project is to develop a landscape setting for this development, which will not only include the arrangement of containers and the spaces they form, but will extend into an abandoned green space at the tip of the site and peripheral spaces in the immediate vicinity.

This project was offered as an alternative to students completing their urban design project on the surrounding site, which the cohort has been working on in the last three months. Two pairs and a single student volunteered to enter this limited competition.

The students developed a range of ideas, firmly placed in the context of sustainability, comprising of rain gardens, green roofs, swales, vertical gardens, foraging gardens, recycling systems and unstructured play. Key factors in the design process were the selection of durable materials, the use of salvage from the site and the repurposing of cheap building infrastructure such as palettes.

The following images represent a range of different ideas: