Congratulations to our MLA-2 2020 Graduates

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Over the weekend I watched a documentary about the Space Shuttle. One of the interviewees was a former Mission Commander, and she relayed how on her missions, she always made a point to tell her crew to take one last look out of the window before they returned to earth. Her point was that on a busy space mission even the view of earth became an everyday occurrence, and people became neglectful of it, incredible though the view must have been. You have to take time to savour moments in life while you can.

I know that we are not on a space mission, but we are still very busy with the added complexity of our circumstances, and anxieties around what the future holds. It's easy for us to get wrapped up in things, and to the detriment of our well being. I suppose with surviving isolation, long Zoom calls (some requiring matchsticks to keep our peepers open), and the high pressure hose of constant news reports, taking a holiday and celebrating an impending milestone would be classed as "Important, Not Urgent" by Steven Levy the business writer. These Important, Non Urgent matters, are often the difference to improve our professional and home lives - from celebrating graduation with friends and family, *relaxing*, networking with employers, improving portfolios, getting healthy, etc. All things we know add value, but which we might defer to later.


These are Important, Urgent activities, and you all deserve it. Enjoy the rest of your weeks as you wrap up your theses (hands up if you hate this word), and take care.


Your friends at REALM


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