Students from MLA-1 are exhibiting their work, selected from three different parts of the course:

Part One. Atelier 1A. Beech Road Park

This project formed part of the familiarisation sequence of space and scale, which framed students learning in Atelier 1A. Beech Rd Park is a small urban park in a South Manchester suburb, with competing and debilitating functions. Working with a friends group, students utilised concepts of forest and water to help define their design response. To view the work, take a look at the Miro board below, this project is the last board, bottom right.

Part Two. Atelier 1B. Lancaster Urban Design

Atelier 1B investigated urban topology’s, which are at the very centre of the future relationship between humans and their collective environment. Students were encouraged to act as a Landscape Architect, but take on the role of an “urban designer’ to develop design proposals for an historic but semi - derelict urban infrastructure adjacent to Lancaster city centre.  This site is under pressure from commercial development to integrate it in to the city centre and students were challenged to discover alternative approaches, which focused on community, resilience and education. To view the work, take a look at the Miro board below.

Part Three. Container Village Competition Competition

As part of the Atelier 1B project, a group of five students volunteered to develop landscape design proposals for a temporary container village, which had been conceived by a local “green” entrepreneur -  David Nuttall and his architecture consultants hpa architects. Working in a competitive framework of pairs and a singleton, students developed detailed design proposals, which focused on recycling, reuse and repurpose.

To view the winning summary proposals, select the images below. 

Atelier Staff: Ian Fisher. Charlotte McLean. Mick Timpson. Eddy Fox. Visiting Lecturers + Tutors: Mark Murphy (Landuse Futures) David Rudlin (Urbed) Helen Buckle (Planit-ie) Zoe Hooten (hpa architects) Laura Sanderson (MSA) David Nuttall (Client)

Runner Up: Jou Hsien Wu (Ann)

Winners: James and Charlie 

Runners Up: Rudhira and Marianna